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Let me watch your pet(s)

Whether it's for work, play, vacation or whatever the need, if you can't be there- I will !  We are bonded and insured. I try to keep our business within a five to seven mile radius of Apple Valley.  Exceptions can be made. This is primarily to enable great customer service.

Meet and Greet Consultation

Before starting or quoting a service, it is important to have a quick in person or telephone meeting to determine your wants and needs.

Typical Service

1st visit                                  Between 6:30   and    9:00 am         $15.00

2nd visit                                Between 3:00  and     6:00 pm         $12.00

3rd visit                                 Between 9:00 pm and midnight     $10.00

This is a sampling of time for full day, 3 times a day visits.  This can be changed according to the needs of your pet.